Roofing Hail Damage Repairs


Hail Damage Help

Hail causes some of the worst damage roofs can bear. Homeowners and business owners find hail damage problematic because it varies so much. Depending on the size of the hail that hits, your roof can suffer anything from tiny dings to full blown punctures through the roof. Your roof also becomes vulnerable to hidden damage that might not appear for months. Whatever kind of damage hail has caused, we provide full-service roof hail damage repair in Fort Worth, TX and throughout North Texas. You can rely on us for inspections, repairs and even assistance with your insurance claims. Find out all that McStay Quality Roofing can do for you with your roof hail damage by calling 817-349-0016.

How Hail Damages a Roof

With hail storms, you never know exactly what can happen. You may get pea-sized hail that causes no problems or marble-sized hail that rushes down and smashes divots in your roof. You may see roof hail damage from golf-ball or larger hailstones that knocks that cracks shingles or even punctures holes all the way through your roof. No part of the roof is safe from hail damage. You can lose shingles, tiles or even find your flashing dented, scraped up or knocked loose. No matter the damage, the experienced, professional roofers can make any roof hail damage repairs in Fort Worth, TX and throughout North Texas.

One thing to stay aware of when hail hits your roof is the possibility of hidden damage that may surface later on if it goes unchecked. What looks minor may hide areas that open to water seepage and eventually leaks. These leaks may not surface for weeks or even months, and by then more problems could erupt. Leaks that go without repair for too long can cause other problems from mold growth to rot.

What We Do

With any repair, make sure to get it promptly to avoid other problems that might occur. With McStay Quality Roofing on your side when it comes to roof hail damage repair in Fort Worth, TX and surrounding areas, you can rest assured we’ll provide you with full service care. From an initial inspection to help with your insurance claim, our experienced team is there for you. We make our customers a priority, providing them with the highest-level of craftsmanship paired with top-quality, durable materials that will protect your home for years to come. Our service is professional and fast.

We even take care of you in emergencies. Call us anytime if you have a roofing emergency. We are available to assist you 24/7 with roof hail damage repair in Fort Worth, TX and surrounding areas.

Insurance Claim Help

We can help you with your roof hail damage claim. Along with providing a detailed inspection report you can file with your claim, we can talk directly with your adjuster to explain damages. Roof hail damage can prove tricky and hard to spot. We work on your behalf so you benefit the most from your claim.

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As experienced roofers, we know how devastating roof hail damage in Fort Worth, TX and throughout North Texas can be. Call us today at 817-349-0016 for hail damage repair.