Roof Leak Repair

Dark stains on your ceiling are a sure sign of a roof leak.

Patching Leaks

One of the most common repair services McStay Quality Roofing gets calls for is roof leak repair in Fort Worth, TX and surrounding areas. Most roofers will tell you leaks are the main repair they make, which is a good thing. When you patch your leaks promptly, you’re protecting your roof and home from other problems like mold growth or even rot and decay. See why homeowners and business owners throughout North Texas put their trust in the expert professionals  of McStay Quality Roofing for roof leak repairs. Learn what we can do for you when it comes to roof leak repairs in Fort Worth, TX and give us a call at 817-349-0016.

Discovering and Repairing Leaks

For roof leak repair in Fort Worth, TX, we are the experts at finding and repairing leaks. We know some leaks are obvious. These are the leaks that cause dark brown stains on your ceilings or they’re quickly felt when a drop of water from the ceiling spatters on your head. Not all leaks, however, are easy to spot. If you’ve had roof hail damage that goes unchecked, for instance, water may seep in for months before the leak gets noticed.

Whether the leak goes unnoticed over time or existing damages go neglected until a leak forms, more problems could occur later on, from mold and mildew growth to rot and decay. To avoid serious problems like these later on, never neglect repairs. Get to them as soon as possible. When you need fast service for roof leak repairs in Fort Worth, TX, get in touch with the professionals of McStay Quality Roofing.

When you call us, before we undertake any repairs, we thoroughly inspect your roof to assess the damage. When our licensed inspectors check out a roof, they look for all signs to determine that a leak is present and what needs repairs. A great inspection will give you a good picture of your roof’s condition and you’ll have a detailed document available to file with your insurance claim.

Signs of Leaks

No matter what kind of roofing system you have, you’ll find there are common signs pointing to roof leaks. The most obvious sign you will see are dark stains on your ceiling. This indicates water is seeping in from your attic. When you check your attic and see sunlight streaming in through openings in your roof, water is probably seeping in through those cracks.

Other signs of a leak include mold and mildew growth caused by moisture build-up. For commercial buildings with flat roofs, if you see water ponding anywhere, it’s possible leaks will occur. If you have cracked, curling or missing shingles or loose or damaged flashing, water could seep in through these damaged areas to create a leak.

After hail storms, you’ll want to get your roof inspected for hail damage and repaired promptly. Hail can cause damage that leaves your home vulnerable to leaks weeks and months after a hail storm has passed.

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