Roof Flashing Repair

Flashing around chimneys and other vulnerable areas is essential to protect a roof from weathering and water.

Drainage essential

Keeping water flowing away from your roof and all elements on the roof is vital to maintaining the roof’s health, especially in preventing leaks. A drainage essential is flashing. These metal strips that fit around elements like chimneys and vents help protect them and help keep water from seeping into your home from vulnerable spots on your roof. We know how vital flashing is and provide flashing installation, repair and replacement in Fort Worth, TX as part of our extensive residential and commercial roofing service offerings. Call us at  817-349-0016 for estimates on flashing today.

Installation and repair

When you need to weatherproof vulnerable areas of your roof, you’ll want to install flashing inFort Worth, TX. Installed around chimneys, vents and in the valleys, flashing protects these areas from water and damage from inclement weather like hail and high winds. It serves as a barrier to keep water from seeping into your home and causing leaks.

Flashing can made from a variety of metals including aluminum, zinc alloy and stainless steel. Some older homes may have cement flashing. If your home has cement flashing, you may want to consider a flashing replacement in Fort Worth, TX. Cement flashing is vulnerable to cracking. What materials you choose for flashing will depend on variables such as the weather and the type of roofing material used. Check with us for help with flashing installation in Fort Worth, TX.

If you notice water standing on your roof, you might want check your flashing to see if it is loose or needs repair. We repair and replace flashing in Fort Worth, TX. Leaving water standing on a roof for too long can lead to other problems like leaks.

Call for service

If you have vulnerable areas like valleys or around chimneys or vents that need protection from the weather, flashing installation in Fort Worth, TX is essential. McStay Quality Roofing offers its services throughout North Texas. Give us a call for service at 817-349-0016.