Roof Damage Inspections

Regular Maintenance

Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, you need to keep track of your roof’s condition. Making a roof inspection a regular part of maintenance will keep you informed of just that. With a roof inspection, you’ll get a vital document that can aid you with insurance claims and help you determine when repairs or replacement are needed. For a licensed professional roof inspection in Fort Worth, TX, you can trust McStay Quality Roofing. We offer our roofing services throughout the North Texas area. To schedule a roof inspection give us a call at 817-349-0016.

Why You Need a Roof Inspection

What makes a roof inspection in Fort Worth, TX so important are the details you’ll get about your roof. Don’t know your roof’s age? With an inspection you’ll get this essential piece of information. You’ll want to know your roof’s age to determine if you need a roof replacement or not. You’ll also find out what repairs may be necessary to keep your roof in good health.

Roof inspections are also invaluable for planning. With a roof inspection, you can budget for repairs and replacement. You’ll know what options you have available for repairs. You may only need a leak patched or you can prepare for a full replacement or even decide if a restoration is a better option for you financially. Avoid making costly repairs on secondary damage with a roof inspection in Fort Worth, TX. For commercial properties, a roof inspection will provide you with details needed to uphold warranties and insurance policies.

Homeowners and business owners alike will find value in a roof inspection for the details it provides when filing insurance claims for damages. When it comes to roof inspections in Fort Worth, TX, we make thorough assessments of damages to file with your claim and we can help you with your claim, if needed. We will speak with your insurance adjuster to explain the damages listed on your inspection report. We work on your behalf to get the maximum benefit from your policy.

Call Today

When get your roof inspected by McStay Quality Roofing, a licensed professional inspector will come out to inspect your roof. Our inspectors thoroughly detail and document every inch of your roof, looking for any possible problem. They pay special attention to detecting leaks, because as expert roofers, they know leaks can remain hidden until they’ve created more damage to your home. Leaks are a major problem, and when roofers are called out for repairs, it’s usually for leaks. With good reason. Neglected for too long, leaks can put your home or business at risk for more costly problems like rotting and mold growth.

When it comes to storms and hail damage, you can trust our inspectors for thoroughness. They go beyond the dings and divots from hail damage and make sure no underlying structures like roofing felt are damaged and stay alert to leaks. When you get a roof inspection in Fort Worth, TX from McStay Quality Roofing, most take an hour or less, depending on the size of your roof. Make roof inspections in Fort Worth, TX a regular part of your maintenance schedule and call 817-349-0016 today.