Modified Bitumen Roofing

Modified bitumen roofing is often heat-applied.

Roofing alternative

We are all about providing our customers with options when it comes to commercial roofing solutions. When you are working with flat roofing systems, one alternative to a built-up roof is modified bitumen roofing in Fort Worth, TX. Modified bitumen roofs are just one of many options we offer. These roofs are valued for their durability and leak resistance. They are also cost-effective. Interested in modified bitumen roof installation in Fort Worth, TX? Give us a call at 817-349-0016 for an estimate.

Installation and replacement

When you choose to install a modified bitumen roof in Fort Worth, TX, you’re getting a durable, weather resistant roof. What makes this roof so durable? The roofing membrane utilizes a combination of asphalt with either plastic or rubber, which makes the system very flexible and tear and impact resistant. This material also expands and contracts well with fluctuations in temperature.

There are three main ways to install modified bitumen roofs in Fort Worth, TX, either heat-welding, hot asphalt or cold-adhesion. When heat-applied, the seams are melted together to create a seal, which is valuable in preventing leaks.

These roofs last anywhere between 10 and 20 years or more before they will need replacing. Regular maintenance will help your roof last longer. McStay Quality Roofing offers full modified bitumen roof replacement for Fort Worth, TX and surrounding areas. They are an alternative to built-up roofing systems.


When they need repairs, modified bitumen roofs are easy to repair and relatively low maintenance. As with most flat roofs, one of the most common modified bitumen repairs in Fort Worth, TX is ponding. If standing water is left on a roof for more than two days, it’s essential to repair the roof to avoid leaks. Regular inspections will help you keep your roof in shape.

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