Green Roof Installation

Some urban areas are beginning to incorporate green roofs as an environmentally friendly roofing solution.

Sustainable Roofing

Among the most innovative of roofing systems are green roofs, in which a layer of vegetation is installed on the roof for a sustainable roofing system. These roofs are phenomenal when it comes to managing runoff and improving energy efficiency. They are also ideal for flat roofing systems. If you are interested in a environmentally friendly roofing system or considering green roof installation in Fort Worth, TX, give McStay Quality Roofing a call at 817-349-0016. One of our roofing experts will gladly fill you in about this unique, cost-effective roofing system.

Going green

When you go green and install a green roof in Fort Worth, TX, you not only benefit the environment, you will find you’re saving money in several ways. You’re doing more than just installing a garden on top of your building. You’re making your building more energy efficient and adding years to your commercial roofing system’s life.

With a green roof, the plants absorb heat and create a buffer against heat fluctuations. They also provide shade for your roof. These qualities help make your roof more energy efficient,  saving you money on your energy bills.

A green roof installation in Fort Worth, TX will also extend your roof’s life. These roofs have added protection from higher temperatures, especially useful in Texas’ hot summers. In addition, while green roofs need drainage for excess water, your roof is less subject to weathering from water drainage because the plants are absorbing and using the water. They are ideal for flat roofs.

Another benefit of green roof installation in Fort Worth, TX is improved air quality inside and outside of your home or office. The plants defend against dust and pollutants and put out more oxygen. Green roofs also make your building more visually appealing.

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