Flat Roofing

Flat roofs are common in commercial roofing.

Reliable roofs

For cost-effectiveness and reliability, low-sloped or flat roofs are one of the most common choices for commercial roofing. Whether they use a traditional built-up system or a modern rubber system, flat roofs are durable and their design makes them easy to maintain and repair. McStay Quality Roofing specializes in a variety of flat roof services in Fort Worth, TX, from repair to replacement and installation. We work with a range of systems from built-up to single-ply. Find out what we can do for you by calling 817-349-0016.

Replacement and installation

For the most part there are three types of flat roof, built-up, modified bitumen and single-ply. Each has its advantages and businesses choose roofing systems based on their needs. Many older commercial buildings may have built-up or modified bitumen systems in place, while newer buildings will have some form of single-ply membrane, either EPDM, PVC or TPO. All of these systems are noted for their durability and will last a long time before they need replacing. When you need a flat roof installed or replaced in Fort Worth, TX, make sure to call the flat roof specialists at McStay Quality Roofing.


Most of these systems are known to withstand damages like cuts, tears and punctures, and endure the punishments of severe weather really well, but are never impervious to damages and will need repairs from time to time.

One of the most common problems all flat roofs have is ponding. No flat roof is actually flat. They have low slopes for drainage. However, not all flat roofs drain well and water stands for a long time, which can create problems like leaks or mold or mildew growth, requiring repairs. For flat roof repair in Fort Worth, TX, we can work with any system to fix problems from leaks to other damages.

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